Circle K Pledge

"I pledge to uphold the Objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of humanity's potential."

General Overview

Circle K is the largest collegiate service organization in the world and is part of the Kiwanis family, which includes Key Club (high school), Builders Club (middle school), K-Kids (e​lementary school), and other club branches. Our three tenets are service, leadership, and fellowship.

Club members participate in weekly service projects around the Atlanta area and in district events in which they meet Circle K'ers from other schools. We keep members involved with service projects, but we do not have a minimum requirement of service hours, which allows members to volunteer according to their individual schedules. There are numerous leadership opportunities, including committee chairs, club officers, and officers on the district and international level.

​Georgia Tech Circle K

As the Georgia Tech branch of Georgia's Metro Division of Circle K International, GT Circle K works with volunteer projects around the city of Atlanta and beyond. Some of our service partners include the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Project Open Hand, and Trees Atlanta. In addition, we hold fundraisers to benefit various charitable causes, including UNICEF's Six Cents Initiative and Relay for Life. We also plan fun social events for the club to enjoy. Circle K offers leadership opportunities on the club, district, and international levels, as well as scholarships for outstanding student volunteers.


Committee Chairs

  • Erica Zheng | Social Chair
    As a Social Chair, Erica plans social events for CircleK-ers per month (at least one per month!), such as the annual winter potluck.
  • Stacy Aragon | Interclub Chair
    As Interclub Chair, Stacy heads planning collaborative events with other Circle K clubs in Georgia. Stacy also sets up collaboration with other philanthropic organizations and clubs across the Georgia Tech campus.
  • Ishan Baniya | Webmaster
    As webmaster, Ishan organizes and updates the club webpage, creates and maintains event signup forms, and maintains the club's online calendar.
  • Elizabeth Blackmon | Fundraising Chair
    As Fundraising Chair, Elizabeth plans club fundraisers and keeps track of money raised. Example events include the WASH project, a UNICEF-led effort for clean water and sanitation in the world.


In 1936, the “Circle K House” at Washington State College was established by the Kiwanis Club of Pullman, Washington. Organized as a fraternity, Kappa Iota Phi served men who needed financial aid to attend college. Kiwanians also wanted to provide collegiate students leadership opportunities for their future careers and work service projects to better their communities while having a sense of fellowship.

In 1947, Circle K changed from a fraternity to a service organization. That year, the first Circle K club was chartered at Carthage College in Carthage, Illinois.

Circle K was introduced in Georgia in 1949 by Dr. George M. Sparks of the Atlanta Kiwanis Club. Then, the first club was chartered on February 22, 1950 at today's Georgia State University. The Georgia District of Circle K formed in 1959 under the direction of Mr. J. R. Griggs with 18 clubs. In 2009, Georgia Circle K celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Over the years, thousands of members have impacted thousands more with their selfless acts of service as the organization has expanded across the United States from Washington to Hawaii.


CKI Georgia District

Georgia Circle K comprises of Circle K clubs throughout the state of Georgia at 16 colleges & universities. They work together to serve Georgia.

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Circle K International

Circle K International is the world's largest collegiate service organization with over 11,000 members in 19 different countries. Founded in 1934 at Washington State College, Circle K now has clubs at more than 600 universities, including 32 in the Georgia district.

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Circle K is part of the Kiwanis family, which includes Kiwanis clubs for adults and Key Clubs for high school students. Its three basic tenants are service, leadership, and fellowship.

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